Walter C. Oechel, PhD (PI)

Distinguished Professor of Biology, San Diego State University
Coordinator for the Joint Doctoral Program in Ecology with the University of California Davis
Campus PI (SDSU), Executive Committee, Advisor, Theme II Lead for NOAA-CESSRST
Director of the Global Change Research Group
Academic Director of the Field Stations Program

Phone: (619) 594-6613
Office: Physical Sciences 240
Lab: Physical Sciences 241D



Dr. Oechel’s research focuses on developing and understanding the predictive capability of the interconnections of terrestrial, atmospheric, and marine systems on global change. He focuses primarily in the Arctic (Alaska, Russia), the Pacific Basin (Baja California Sur, Mexico, Indonesia), and the semi-arid ecosystems of Italy and San Diego. He incorporates a small research aircraft, eddy covariance towers, soil measurements, remote sensing, and modeling in his research programs. He leads a highly active research group with funding averaging over $1 million/year, and he advises several PhD, Master’s, and undergraduate students.

Curriculum Vitae : Dr. Walter C. Oechel